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How do I create an account?

Click on the ‘Register’ tab found on the top left corner of the page and enter the details required. You can set a login ID and password as you to wish to login into the account the next time you visit the website.

What falls under the “my account” category?

All the details that you entered while creating an account can be found under my account.

Clicking on the “my account” tab will enable you to view a drop-down list by which you can do the following:

–  Edit or change your account details
–  Check your previous orders
–  View your previous downloads
–  Create another password if you’ve forgotten your old password

How do I get notified if there are any new deals or discounts?

Any new deals or discounts will be notified to the customer via e-mail if you have an account with us.

How do I know if my order has been successful?

As soon as you make your payment, you will be redirected to a page which reads ‘Your order is successful’ and provides the details of your order and the e-book downloads along with it.

Additionally, you will receive two e-mails. One from Paypal confirming your payment and another from ieltstrainingonline.com itself confirming your order.

What happens if the payment is deducted but my order wasn’t placed?

We will immediately get it rectified if you send an email to ieltstrainingonline.com@gmail.com and attach the proof of your payment.

Is an account necessary to make a purchase?

No, it isn’t mandatory to have an account. You can purchase an e-book without any account but it would be preferable to have an account as it would be easier to contact you for any sales, discounts or new e-book adverts.

What are the steps to be followed to make a payment?

ieltstrainingonline.com accepts payment through Paypal payment gateway. We accept any credit/debit cards. The customer can make their payment via online being assured that our trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to protect the details of the transaction against any type of theft and infringement and keep the details confidential every time.

Click on ‘Purchase’ right next to the product and it will lead you to the ‘Checkout’ page. Enter your billing details and check your order details before clicking on the ‘Place Order’ button. You will be directed to the payment gateway page, fill in your card or bank details, and pay for the product. Your order is now placed and your e-books can be downloaded.

Would there be any extra charges for a product?

No, there wouldn’t be any extra charges for a product other than the price given next to the product on the product page.

Are international payments accepted?

Our payment gateway accepts international payments thus allowing our consumer to pay online via any currency.

How can I make payment using my credit or debit card?

ieltstrainingonline.com consent for payments made via credit or debit card in India and Internationally.

Credit cards

We accept money transactions by Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards only.
To pay through your credit card, you need to enter your card details, expiry date, three-digit CVV number displayed at the back of the card. As you enter the card details, you will be channelized to the bank’s page for submitting your secure online transaction password.

Debit Cards

We accept money transactions by Visa, Master Card and American Express debit cards only.
To pay through your debit card, you need to enter your card details, expiry date (optional for Maestro card users), and three digits CVV number displayed at the back of the card. As you enter the card details, you will be channelized to the bank’s page for submitting your secure online transaction password to conclude the payment.

What does 3D safe password mean?

The 3D safe password is employed by VISA and MasterCard in collaboration with banks issuing the cards below the “verified by VISA/MasterCard secure code” cares, respectively.

The 3D safe password totted up an extra level of protection via personal identity check for the customers’ online card dealing. The password created by the customer should only be remembered by the customer. This assures protection of your card details and information against theft for your online shopping.

What is the return policy?

There will be neither cancellation nor returns for our products as they are downloaded immediately by the customers.

Will it be safe to use my credit/debit card details on ieltstrainingonline.com website?

We use Paypal as our payment gateway for all transactions therefore, it is extremely safe. A payment gateway does not store your data. The payment gateway is PCI-DSS compliant, The PCI Security Standards Council is a global organization that sets compliance rules for managing cardholder data for all online payment systems. PCI-DSS is now the global standard for online security. What this means for you is that your online transactions are encrypted to ensure there is no data interception.

All the details you enter concerning the payment like name, address, card information, details for net banking, etc are used only to complete the transaction. The payment gateway never stores sensitive information like CVV, pin or password.

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