IELTS Reading (Academic) Actual Tests with Answers | eBook vol 1


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This eBook contains:
  150 passages with answers
✓  Easy to print PDF file for learning offline
  Answer key by IELTS Trainers.

Please note: This is an eBook, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF of this eBook will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.


The Academic Reading section in the IELTS test consists of 3 passages that are mostly related to science, social science, sociology or anything of general interest. It is usually taken from journals or newspapers.

These three passages are arranged from the easiest to the hardest (i.e) the first passage is the easiest and the third being the hardest.

This eBook contains 50 reading tests (150 Passages) that appeared in the recent IELTS exam. The tests are sourced from recent test takers and thus are authentic.

These questions are of different question types:

  multiple choice
✓  sentence completion
  true or false
  diagram completion
  match the headings

An answer key is provided towards the end of the book and is verified by certified IELTS Trainers.

Please note: This is an eBook, therefore there will be no hard copy. The PDF of this eBook will be sent to your e-mail immediately after your order is placed.


1. Andrea Palladio. Italian architect
2. The future never dies?
3. Pottery production in ancient Akrotiri
4. The Cacao: a Sweet History
5. Cosmetics in Ancient Past
6. The Secrets of Persuasion
7. Bondi Beach
8. Antarctica – in from the cold?
9. Talc Powder
10. Voyage of Going: beyond the blue line 2
11. Memory and Age
12. Facial expression 1
13. World Ecotourism in the developing courtiers
14. Smell and Memory
15. The Persuaders
16. Rainwater Harvesting
17. Mammoth kill 2
18. Language Strategy In Multinational Company
19. New Agriculture in Oregon, US
21. Learning lessons from the past
22. otter
24. Communicating Conflict!
25. Natural Pesticide in India
26. Is Graffiti Art or Crime?
27. The concept of childhood in the western countries
28. Copy your neighbour
29. European Heat Wave
30. E-training
32. TV Addiction 1
33. Communication in science
34. Food for thought 2
35. Biodiversity
36. Soviet’s New Working Week
37. Learning By Examples
38. Tasmanian Tiger
39. Music: Language We All Speak
40. Dirty river but clean water
41. Seed Hunting
42. The significant role of mother tongue language in education
43. Bamboo, A Wonder Plant
44. Activities for Children
45. Save Endangered Language
46. Grey Workers
47. Computer Provides More Questions Than Answers
48. Mystery in Easter Island!
49. LONGAEVE: Ancient Bristlecone Pine
50. Corporate Social Responsibility
51. The Exploration of Mars
52. California’s age of Megafires
53. Ancient Storytelling
54. Paper of Computer?
55. What are you laughing at?
56. Leaf-Cutting Ants and Fungus
57. Assessing the risk
58. SOSUS: Listening to the Ocean
59. Left-handed or Right-handed
60. The Power of Nothing
61. Corporate social Responsibility a new concept of “market”
62. Griffith and American films
63. Environmentally-friendly! vehicles
64. Origin of Species & Continent Formation
65. Western Immigration of Canada
66. Beyond the Blue Line
67. Museum Blockbuster
68. The Lost City
69. Knowledge in medicine
70. Traditional Farming System in Africa
71. Can we call it “ART” – Life-Casting and Art
72. Honey bees in trouble
73. Ancient SOCIEFIES Classification
74. The Development of Plastics
75. How should reading be taught?
76. Going Bananas
77. Can we call it “Art”? 2
78. Global Warming in New Zealand
79. The coming back of the “Extinct” – Grass in Britain
80. London Swaying Footbridge
81. Book review on Musicophilia
82. Can We Hold Back the Flood?
83. The History of pencil
84. TV Addiction 2
85. William Gilbert and Magnetism
86. Twin Study: Two of a kind
87. Compliance or Noncompliance for Children
88. Food advertising on children
89. Finding Our Way
90. Decision, Decision!
91. The Dinosaurs Footprints and Extinction
92. Stress of Workplace
93. Multitasking Debate
94. Coastal Archaeology of Britain
95. Monkeys and Forests
96. Travel Accounts
97. Eco-Resort Management Practices
98. The reconstruction of community in Talbot Park, Auckland
99. Alzheimer

100. Organic farming and chemical fertilisers
101. Stealth Forces in Weight Loss
102. British Architecture 2
103. The psychology in Happiness
104. The history of salt
105. Bright Children
106. Bovids
107. Art in Iron and Steel
108. Psychology Of New Product Adoption
109. Plant Scents
110. We have Star performers!
111. Memory Decoding
112. Ants Could Teach Ants
113. Father of modern management 2
114. The secret of the Yawn
115. Computer Games for Preschoolers: Nintendo’s Research and Design Process
116. Going nowhere fast
117. Internal and External Marketing
118. The Impact of the Potato
119. Saving the British Bitterns
120. Extinct: the Giant Deer
121. Rural transport plan of “Practical action”
122. Malaria Combat in Italy
123. Video Games’ Unexpected Benefits to Human Brain
124. Man or Machine
125. Photovoltaics on the rooftop
126. What Are Dreams?
127. The culture of Chimpanzee!
128. Numeracy: can animals tell numbers?
129. Company Innovation
130. Plain English Campaign
131. Aqua product: New Zealand’s Algae Biodiesel
132. Designed to Last
133. Magnetic Therapy
134. When the Tulip Bubble Burst
135. Does An IQ Test Prove Creativity?
136. Flight from reality?
137. The Innovation of Grocery Stores
138. Sunset for the Oil Business
139. T-Rex Hunter
140. Detection of a meteorite Lake
141. Elephant communication
142. Animal minds: Parrot Alex
144. The Rainmaker design
145. The Beginning of Football!
146. Fossil files “The Paleobiology Database”
147. The History of building Telegraph lines
148. Density and Crowding
149. Intelligence and Giftedness
150. Making of Olympic Torch

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